Dutile Tremblay Community Fund


Camp Kaleidoscope, an amazing program we attended to the delight of my son and every family we encountered. "This is a weekend of feeling like you belong!,"  were the words echoed throughout the weekend by parents AND our kids.

Important Information:

  • Families who have an aide are welcome to bring an aide to camp. There will be no charge for aides.
  • Each family will be assigned a Family Partner, a graduate student in an autism related field. These volunteers will help facilitate camp life for the families. They are graciously giving their time, as a gift to your family. They will be available to provide a helping hand when they can and support your family retreat.
  • There will be activities for children ages 3-11*. If you have someone less than 3 years old in your family, we will look forward to meeting them! Although we do not have staff to provide care for these little campers, we want to talk about the best way to support your family‚Äôs rejuvenation time at Common Ground Center.
  • There will be no program for teens at Camp Kaleidoscope, only for children ages 3-11*.
  • All registered members of your family must plan to attend Camp K for the entire duration of the program. This program is quite popular and it would be unfair to exclude someone else to allow your family to drop in and out.
  • A parent or legal guardian for every child must be on site at all times.

 Please consider becoming a Sponsor. There are very few funds available for Autistic Children to enjoy even a few days of summer camp.  $263 is the average price per a day.  
This is not a choice, or a fancy camp. 24/7 Supervision and medical attention is expensive.

Art Supplies are ALWAYS needed at Camp, please consider donating. 
Call Us to arrange for Drop off/pick up