Dutile Tremblay Community Fund is proud to have funded a project for students at the Vining School here in Billerica MA

FROM:  STAFF AT VINING SCHOOL        REQUEST:    Flexible Seating for Focusing

My students need Softzone gaming chairs, portable lap desks, bouncy bands, a bean bag, and exercise balls and stands to help them focus.

My Students

I teach in a L.A.B (Learning Applied Behavior) school. The majority of my students are regular education students with a handful that are within the inclusive classroom. These students have the option of leaving my classroom and taking breaks in the LAB room. I would love the opportunity to limit their need for removal by providing flexible seating to meet their needs as well as any child's needs in my classroom. My students want to learn and be a part of their peers.


My Project

The supplies that I am requesting will be used on a daily basis. Students will be able to come in and request a specific spot to work at that day. This allows the child to understand how they work best so that they can focus on their academics. The exercise balls and bases will be used instead of chairs at students desks. The ECR4Kids gaming chairs and portable lap desks will be used as alternatives to traditional desks for my active students. The large bean bag will be placed in an area with curtains for a safe outlet for these children.


My hope is to develop not only a trauma sensitive classroom but an atmosphere that will help to improve and increase student attention and focus.

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2019 Celebrating Ten Years of Change Making

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I can't believe this is ten years of bringing community together for a common cause, to be the change in the life of a child by providing the proper tools to endeavor.  

This year's events are in full swing and if you can lend a hand in anyway please reach out to us.   Raffle donations, be it a gift card or a home made basket are needed for both events.  It's a great chance for local business' to advertise as well with over 300 people coming to the Comedy Show March 23   at the Billerica Elks.

We've hired  four acts this year for the comedy show, including two headliners.    We've notice folks take a break after the second two and miss out on the beginning of the Main Attraction.    This year we will put up two comics, Jason Merrill, who by the way designed our snazzy posters this year,  and Maya Manion..... take a BREAK  and then Get Ready for your TWO Headliners.  Steve Bjork and Mike Hanley

Maya Manion was featured on Nick and Nite’s “Funniest Mom in America” and was recently the runner up in Mohegan Sun’s Funniest Comic in New England competition

Mike Hanley  A recent selection by Comedy Central to its UP NEXT: STAND-UP COMEDY COMPETITION, Mike Hanley delivers his unique style of high energy, full tilt comedy that leaves audiences all over erupting in laughter. From relationships and kids, to the daily grind, Hanley has a story that always has those in attendance on the edge of their seats. Hanley’s popularity exploded when he appeared live on the TODAY SHOW after a video of a five-minute dance routine with his daughter went viral. It has more than 14 million views between YouTube and Yahoo! and has been featured on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, PEOPLE MAGAZINE, THE HUFFINGTON POST and CNN.

Jason Merrill A wicked hot up-and-comer, he’s already shared the stage with industry greats like Steve Sweeney, Tony V, Christine Hurley, and the legendary Lenny Clarke.

Stephen Bjork is a polished veteran of the highly competitive Boston comedy scene with crisscrossing tours of the country under his belt. His material is intelligent, sometimes absurd, 

From the supermarket, to recess, to family life, and even to cannibalism, Want to know how to liven up an elevator ride or make the most out of your time on line at the bank? Catch his show and become enlightened.


Bjork has performed with such luminaries as Dane Cook, Steven Wright, Dom Irrera, Dave Chappelle, Joe Rogan, and Tommy Chong. He has also opened for the legendary musical group The Platters.    Bjork was recently featured in an Olympia Sports commercial.

Tools for Students on the Autism Spectrum

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Mrs. Calvani   Ditson School   Billerica MA


The students enter our classroom and choose the seat of their choice based on their comfort level. I have enough stability balls and gaming chairs for each of my students. During class meetings, accountable talk or instructional time, the class and I meet on the rug. The kids are either sitting on or kneeling behind a stability ball, sitting in the gaming chair or propping the large beanbag up and using it as a chair. During independent work or small group work, the students prefer the red desks to place their chromebooks on or to write on.


Each day it varies. At times the students choose to sit at tables or desks with the balls as their chairs, other days they are in a corner working on various assignments. They truly like the flexibility to sit where and how they want.


When our boxes first arrived, it was like Christmas to them. They were so excited!! It took a couple of weeks for the children to understand that these were tools and not toys. Now after a few months, they are aware and respect the appropriate use for their flexible seating.


I plan to continue to use our flexible seating and research more tools for them to feel comfort


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Thanks to Billerica area community support

2017 Student Scholarships were awarded as follows:


$7,000 to Shawsheen Tech Grads

4,000 to Camp Starfish

4,000 to Camp Kaleidoscope

100 Care Notebooks were created and distributed to area families( a $2,000.00 project)

Camp Starfish   In Rindge, New Hampshire    There are many programs to fit individual needs and length of time.   These slots fill up very fast.  Please contact the camp directly for information and availability.   Programs can be a TRY IT   weekend  up to a 3 week program.    


Camp Kaleidoscople    in Starskboro Vermont,   a camp experience for the whole family to have fun, relax and share information with professional speakers to help us better understand Autism effects on our kids.    Speakers may include Vermont and Massachusetts program managers, nutritionists, Arts and more.    

Summer of 2016

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$7,500 was distributed to 8 Shawsheen Tech graduates in June.   These funds were raised at the Annual Comedy show held at the Billerica Elks.    

March 25, 2017 we will be holding our next fundraiser to benefit the graduating trade students of Shawsheen Valley Technical High School

CARE BINDERS:   I have been planning this project for several years and Tuesday night it will be Completed!    Products have arrived and we will be meeting at Billerica Access Television, (Behind Center Cafe) on TUESDAY September 13, 2016 to compile the Care Binders and get ready to ship.   Included with each binder will be a Large Canvas bag with our logo, large enough to handle THREE Binders.    Live it, Learn it, Share it.

What is a care binder?    this is an Autism Family GO TO  book.   Parents put in medical records including medication, evaluations, child's daily routine, contact information and much more.   THIS is the book you grab when you are heading to a new doctor, IEP meeting or racing to the hopsital with your chld - or behind the ambulance.     We have 3 of these 3"binders.   I wanted to be sure they were durable "D" Ring, held reports and we included report covers and contact information of area organizations.

I  received requests for 62 binders, in just 2 days.     We will be making 100   TO DISTRIBUTE FREE TO THOSE IN NEED

CANVAS BAGS:  $20    



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THANK YOU for supporting the 2015 fundraising events!

June 1, With the help of Mr. James Sullivan, over $5,000 in Tools and Funds were awarded to 14 graduates at Shawsheen Technical H.S.

$500 funded Educational Advocacy 

Camp Kaliedescope:   We will be sending Two Single Parent families with children on the Autism Spectrum  to Camp K this summer, for a fun and educational session in a supportive environment.   

Camp Starfish:   Scholarship funds for a local student on the Autism Spectrum along with 'Wish List" donations will be brought up next week. 

Several events during 2015, including bartenders donating their tips and other 'donation jars' will continue to bring in funding to support families in need. If you would like to set up a donation site at your company, please contact me.  There is a wish list on the website for guidance.  

Do you know someone who would like to attend a camp or send their child please do not hesitate to contact me.   Funding is awarded first to the children and grandchildren / or other relative of a Billerica Resident.    Please do not hesitate to contact me for support or guidance.   We have begun to build a lending library with books including "Autism for Dummies"   and more donated by Used Book Superstores.

We have our dates, venues and comedians booked for 2016.    Thank you for your ongoing support!

Happy Mother's Day

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I am Ethan.

You may not understand me, or the way I feel today.

You may not understand my reasoning for things I do or say.

The reasons why I'm so loud and say things over & over again,

Why I run so differently or lose my homework every now & then.


I write my letters backwards and sometimes numbers too,

and when in a conversation, I'll say "Guess what" 100 times to you.


Too much noise, light, or excitement can set me in a spin.

I don't like the way these pants feel rubbing against my skin.


I try to be good, but sometimes it's hard to control,

I have to do it, it's an impulse, I don't always do what I'm told.


Ketchup, Ranch and BBQ sauce on everything I eat,

sometimes I have days that I just can't sit still in my seat.


I like to talk a lot even when it's out of turn,

my mind plays tricks on me and interrupts what I'm trying to learn.


Sit up straight, wipe my face, and play ever so soft,

some of these things I have trouble with and I usually lose my train of thought.


I didn't mean to spill the milk mom, or slam the door so hard,

everyone else is done with their homework, I don't know where to start?


My heart's as big as gold, my feelings get hurt too,

I get sad, cry and have bad days just like you.


My brain works differently than other girls and boys,

but one thing always holds true, I can give your life so much joy.


I get frustrated so easily and my hand won't work that way,

I don't understand why those other kids won't let me come over and play.


Please don't think of me any differently or love of me any less,

I'm just like other kids and trying to do my best.


I am very special in my own unique way, and every moment with me

you'll never have a dull day.


By Kelly Graham



6th Annual Autism Field Day

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Smack in the middle of Fund Raising season !   Joe is getting the cooker ready, Ray is gathering raffle prizes and boy do we have a fun filled 

6th Annual Autism Field Day - May 16th at the Billerica Elks  

SWERVE, formerly Heart of Boston, will provide live music for us as we enjoy 250 pounds of roasted meats and a Tex-Mex buffet

Scheduled Activities:  Registrations on line

Morning Bike Run for those interested!   Rob Aldred is Road Captain of this year's ride   We'll gather at 9:30 to register and enjoy breakfast before heading out on a scenic ride through Middlesex County, 20 miles each way, no highway.    Snacks and Raffles will be held at the turnaround and head back to  join the Field Day. Sponsored by Billy Campbell

Pool Tournament begins at 1PM    Tom McGonagle will run the Pool Tournament in the Billerica Elks Grille Room.  Please register with Tom or online   Prizes ! Fun!  and bragging rights for the whole year!  (Seperate $10 Fee)

Horseshoe Tournament:  Scotty Ross, "Best Cousin Ever" will run the Tournament beginning at 3PM  on the field  (Seperate $10 Fee)

Field Day Fun:

Sumo Wrestling is Sponsored by Charlie Turner (Turner Plumbing).  Pick a partner and have a little fun.  Caution, this activity causes major giggling - you'll know what a turtle on it's back feels like !

Bounce Ball Races:   Remember those hippity hops as a child, you held on to the bouncy ball and raced your friends across the lawn.  Joe Stanton Contracting has sponsored this year's silliest activity !    No need to register ahead of time, the weight limit is 300lb   so feel free to join in.   Each team is 4-6 people.

Caricaturist:    You loved it last year, so we are bringing back a little fun and memento for you to take home  Bill Bradbury will be here with signups every 15 minutes to maximize your fun time not Line time

PUZZLE:   Shawsheen Tech Carpentry is donating 6x9" puzzle pieces and table for us to build our own huge puzzle.   Write encouraging words, Just decorate or bring a picture of   someone you love with Autism to glue on!   Your $5 donation will purchase additional pieces for Families with Autism to build their own puzzle at Camp K !     

All donations are tax deductible to this 501(c)3 Fund.    Feel free to contact Marie Dutile Tremblay with any questions or donations:  978-479-2668  



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February 1, 2014     noon - 5

Western Avenue Studios

120 Western Ave., Lowell

FIRST FLOOR Community Area


The First Saturday of Every Month, Artists open their doors to the public - come stroll around this 5 story Mill building from 12-5.   Check out  ; there is a video tour

The First Floor is hosting a Kids Korner with Coloring and Cookies, Face Painting and Nail Decoration.  We will have Camp Starfish Information   and Tyler will be on hand in (Studio #107 ) to answer questions from a 'camper' point of view. 

I first came to Western Ave Studios (WAS) to provide a space for Tyler and I to Paint,.  Research shows Art Therapy is extremely beneficial, especially for those on the Autism Spectrum.  Further research showed:

Cost:  Fees for this group are due up-front to reserve your child’s space.  ... art supplies fee is $25.  Each session is $35, for a total of $375.

none were local or offered scholarsips. Due to Costs, it is Not an option for Most families.

WAS has become a haven for us.   Tyler has sold his paintings and we continue to create with this awesome family of 300+ Artists. 



TOTALLY WheelChair and Stroller accessible

*please note that you must stay with your child at all times,  art is in all of the public areas and cannot be touched.  The First floor will have a Large Coloring and Cookie area to relax in during face painting event.

2022 Still Standing with Changes and More !

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Hello Friends !   it has surely been a couple of  changing years for all of us.   The Dutile Tremblay Community Fund included.   With theses changes, we have ended our Ride for Autism Events.   We did it for TEN years and now have enveloped it into ONE fundraiser a year.    So Here we are

One Comedy Show Fundraiser in November will continue as long as we have the support from You, our supporters, donors and helpers !   The folks who come over every year to Iron our Table Cloths. Those who show up early to set up the room. Those who donate a raffle prize.   Employee match programs. Our mom who helps put together baskets  The set up crew.  Those who spread the word to the Autism Families in our community. The staff at Shawsheen Tech who write heart felt  referrals about the students in need of tools  Camp Starfish for granting permission to utilize their 501(c)3 for Donations... and so much much more.   

Providing Proper Tools for Students:   

In the past few years we have been able to spread the support even wider !    With  Camp Starfish filling so fast - because, it is a unique amazing program - we know first hand.    Families have struggled to find local programs.   NONE of these are affordable.  These are not Fancy programs as some believe, it is the fact that there often needs to be 2 staff members per a child, in addition to medical staff on hand.   

Dutile Tremblay Community Fund  (DTCF) has donated to programs for several local students to attend Autism support summer programs

What is it like for a 6 year old to attend a public school?   How does a child function when their foot is always tapping, kicking.  Constant stimulation is needed in the body.  Wiggling in the seat.  Chewing whatever is available.   Learn to balance.  As the adult, you hear words like vestibular and perseverate, Fidgets and Flexible seating are needed.   The pandemic hit and now students cannot share these without dousing chemicals between students.  For those who are hypersensitive, this is not an option, certainly not a healthy one for anyone.  Thanks to Your donations, DTCF has donated over $7500 in Sensory Need Supplies to  area schools.

Each year we offer Shawsheen Tech Electrical Students a Scholarship for Tools in memory of our brother, David Dutile ( Electrical 1978 )

As funds allow, we reach out  to other Construction/ Automotive Shops as donations direct.   With so many Plumbing & Carpentry folks participating, we are able to expand to other shop graduates in need of tools.  Each year is different,  driven by the applications and the tools requested. Additionally, the Tool donations we receive from area donors !   These are sooo appreciated.   

THANK YOU for continued support !    

Tickets are now for  sale !   we will keep it at $20 each and a Private Table of up to 10 for $200

This year will again bring us the best of the best local comedians  Four of them !   The show will start promptly at 7 PM    Doors open at 6 pm so please give yourself plenty of time for the Cash Cocktail Line, Browse the Raffles and as always Bring your Dinner or Snacks.   If you are having them delivered, please schedule for 6:30 or Earlier.    

Marie Dutile Tremblay

Joseph Dutile