2022 Still Standing with Changes and More !

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Hello Friends !   it has surely been a couple of  changing years for all of us.   The Dutile Tremblay Community Fund included.   With theses changes, we have ended our Ride for Autism Events.   We did it for TEN years and now have enveloped it into ONE fundraiser a year.    So Here we are

One Comedy Show Fundraiser in November will continue as long as we have the support from You, our supporters, donors and helpers !   The folks who come over every year to Iron our Table Cloths. Those who show up early to set up the room. Those who donate a raffle prize.   Employee match programs. Our mom who helps put together baskets  The set up crew.  Those who spread the word to the Autism Families in our community. The staff at Shawsheen Tech who write heart felt  referrals about the students in need of tools  Camp Starfish for granting permission to utilize their 501(c)3 for Donations... and so much much more.   

Providing Proper Tools for Students:   

In the past few years we have been able to spread the support even wider !    With  Camp Starfish filling so fast - because, it is a unique amazing program - we know first hand.    Families have struggled to find local programs.   NONE of these are affordable.  These are not Fancy programs as some believe, it is the fact that there often needs to be 2 staff members per a child, in addition to medical staff on hand.   

Dutile Tremblay Community Fund  (DTCF) has donated to programs for several local students to attend Autism support summer programs

What is it like for a 6 year old to attend a public school?   How does a child function when their foot is always tapping, kicking.  Constant stimulation is needed in the body.  Wiggling in the seat.  Chewing whatever is available.   Learn to balance.  As the adult, you hear words like vestibular and perseverate, Fidgets and Flexible seating are needed.   The pandemic hit and now students cannot share these without dousing chemicals between students.  For those who are hypersensitive, this is not an option, certainly not a healthy one for anyone.  Thanks to Your donations, DTCF has donated over $7500 in Sensory Need Supplies to  area schools.

Each year we offer Shawsheen Tech Electrical Students a Scholarship for Tools in memory of our brother, David Dutile ( Electrical 1978 )

As funds allow, we reach out  to other Construction/ Automotive Shops as donations direct.   With so many Plumbing & Carpentry folks participating, we are able to expand to other shop graduates in need of tools.  Each year is different,  driven by the applications and the tools requested. Additionally, the Tool donations we receive from area donors !   These are sooo appreciated.   

THANK YOU for continued support !    

Tickets are now for  sale !   we will keep it at $20 each and a Private Table of up to 10 for $200

This year will again bring us the best of the best local comedians  Four of them !   The show will start promptly at 7 PM    Doors open at 6 pm so please give yourself plenty of time for the Cash Cocktail Line, Browse the Raffles and as always Bring your Dinner or Snacks.   If you are having them delivered, please schedule for 6:30 or Earlier.    

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