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10th Annual Autism Fundraiser

Saturday May 18, 2019- Billerica Elks Pavilion      It's our last one folks   Be sure to be there

All Adult Tickets are $20    Rider/ Passenger include BBQ entrance

                                           Walk-ins - Gates open at 1 PM   

Kids Tickets are $5            Includes Crafts 

1-5 PM
Billerica Elks Pavillion  On-Site Beef Roast,   Buffet with Top Round Beef roasted on site  with assorted salads. Sponsored by SpectroFilm of Billerica 

We will have a tented craft and game area for families     Bring a blanket !

Kids  $ 5

Dutile Tremblay Community Fund

co-Founders           Marie Dutile Tremblay

                                Joseph Dutile 

                                Raymond Tremblay

Ride Coordinators:    Robert Aldred

                                  Rick Daynard

Kid Activities:           Breena Ryan

Billerica Elks - 14 Webb Brook Road - Billerica, MA 01821

14 Webb Brook Road, Billerica, MA 01821